Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shoe Style: Anything Goes

Take a look at 100 Years of Shoe Fashion (I'd wear every pair.)

I'm old enough to remember when pointed toe stiletto heels came back "in."  It was somewhere around when Sex and the City was the talk of TV, when Sarah Jessica Parker's eclectic wardrobe was hailed as groundbreaking -- thanks, in large part, to stylist/designer Patricia Field happily mixing styles from many different eras, and incorporating street style with couture to create the show's signature look...
Classic pointed toe?  Yes!

Pointed toe stiletto heels had been "out" for some time, and while we all still swooned when looking at 1950s vintage fashion, we largely stuck to more rounded toe pumps, chunky heels, platforms and whatever else the style gurus deemed on trend. 

Thank heavens for fashion's new all-inclusive approach.  While every season still gives us the usual experts telling us what's in and what's out, most women are largely ignoring the advice.  Sure, we add the latest trendy block heels to our wardrobe because they're great.  But stilettos will no longer ever be "out," because women realize that stilettos look as fabulous now as they did back in the 1950s.  (And during their resurgence in the 1990s.  And last year and last week and every other time they've been worn.)
Chunky studded platform? Yes!

This new approach to fashion has been largely led by the internet...

If you look at Pinterest, there are thousands of fashion images spanning decades.  Fashion items that were "on point" a few years ago still look gorgeous.  In the past, we wouldn't have seen these photos in Vogue or In Style after the season passed.  Now, we just have to follow our favorite pinner to see great looks from years ago that are still beautiful.  They offer inspiration for our current wardrobe.  Pair 2016 block heels to last year's silk joggers? Why not?  (You can check out my Pinterest fashion board right here.)  
I've noticed a glorious obstinance among Instagram fashionistas. While there are quite a few who make sure to wear the latest fashion uniform item -- I've seen the same Kendra Scott tassle necklace and Lily Pulitzer for Target top hundreds of times -- there are many with a joyful disregard for whatever "fashion don't" the gurus are currently dictating.  For example: the experts have been desperately trying to convince us that skinny jeans are now out, out, out!  But thousands of fashionable women still love them, style them beautifully, and don't really care what someone trying to sell boyfriend jeans has to say.  (For the record: I wear every kind of jeans -- skinny, straight, boyfriend, flare, low-rise, high waisted -- because, well, JEANS!)
Block heel ankle strap sandals? Yes!

Anyway, back to pointed toed shoes.  Even though many designers are showing newer, more rounded toes in the Fall 2016 lines -- the points are going to stay, um, on point.  And the round-toes will still be around next year when the experts say to go back to pointed toes because style is too much fun to let rules get in the way.  Besides, throwaway fashion isn't beautiful or chic or hip... it's just bad for our souls, for the environment and for all the great designs that should continue to be proudly, beautifully worn.  

There is one bit of seasonal advice I will take to heart, however: how to pick shoes that transition from summer to fall.  

Here in Los Angeles, some of our hottest months are September and October.  While I long to wear tights and boots (and often do, despite my family still wearing shorts and tank tops,) I love the idea of fall shoes that look like the season, but that aren't too sweltering for Indian Summer weather.  

My favorite look for fall is the peep-toe bootie.  In fact, I noticed a lot of women wearing this look all summer long because they didn't pay any attention to style gurus who told them last year to only wear them during the fall!  

Here are some great choices for the season.  But hey, feel free to just wear what you want.  Viva la fashion revolution!

This version by City Classified is faux leather, but super affordable at only $19.99-39.95.  Plus, it comes in seven color choices:

I love this rather splurge-y leather pair by Donald J. Pliner for $268:

These uber-chunky QUPID faux suede ones are adorable, and only $46.00:

These by Marc Jacobs are MY latest acquisition.  I love the sexy heel, and they were a deal at $66.99:

And, to be honest, I am seriously debating moving these Joes Jeans gladiators from my Saved for Later into my Shopping Cart... (Look at the color!) They're $129:

Happy Fall, style buddies!

Be sure to watch the fun 100 Years of Shoe Fashion video at the top of this post.

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Have a great shoe tip of your own for transitioning from summer to fall?  Head over to the Chic Contraire Community Forum to let me know!