I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!

Don't worry, no bank account was harmed in the procuring of the above wardrobe items...
They're Rockstud-inspired, but delighfully affordable.  Details below.

A Few All-time Favorites

Update 2018:
While Chic Contraire has been retired -- and I am no longer updating these pages -- these are a few of the things I couldn't/can't live without.

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Skin Care:

If you're over 35 and starting to worry about the dreaded facial sag (noooooo!!!) then you simply must add Serious Skin Care's Reverse Lift Trio to your arsenal.  I've been using this wonder team of products for over 6 years, and I swear it has kept me from even having to consider facial fillers. Getting carded over forty is better than any vacation, spa treatment or indulgence, people.

The stuff just works to keep your skin looking tight, lifted and, well, better than without it. (I stopped using for about a month, convinced that my natural, everlasting youth must be what was keeping my skin looking so good.  I was wrong.)

So, it doesn't alter a lifetime of bad habits and sun damage, but it takes what you've got and makes it look better.  You can read up about why it does what it does here.

The Serious Skin Care brand is headed up by the gorgeous Jennifer Flavin Stallone, and sold at HSN.  I'm impressed with the quality and cosmeceutical value of the ingredients used in every Serious Skin Care product.  You can often find a dupe of an expensive skin care product, and you'll often find one with higher ingredient percentages than the other versions.  Check it out!  (Update 2019: Serious Skincare is now being sold on ShopHQ!)


So, I'm not immune to a great trend, okay?

I found some incredibly cute studded pumps that look a heck of a lot like a certain iconic Italian design house whose prices require taking out a second mortgage or selling an internal organ on the black market.  

This version isn't an exact knock-off, but rather an inspired version.  I love the fact that these are a lower heel than the originals, because most of us can't walk/dance/run/kick ass for very long if we're teetering on 4+ inches.

I've worn these all over Los Angeles since fall of 2015, and they've held up well.

Available at Amazon for under $40. (UNDER $40!?!)  I bought them in hot pink and in nude, but I think I might also have to get the black ones, too.  I just love a rockstud look.

Make sure to order a size up, though, because while these are adorable, they run small.

If you simply must have the (gorgeous) high, high version, check these out.  (Also under $40!)  And by the way, hats off to you for balancing on heels that high.

Alas, my rainbow-colored 1973 inspired stud handbag shown in the top pic has sold out from Shein.  I'll keep a look out if it comes back.  Isn't it great?


Yeah, I've bought the Sevens and the Citizens and a fair share of Calvin Kleins through the years but my all time favorite jeans are still Levis Mid-Rise Skinnies.  My 11 year old daughter teases me that they're actually my second skin.  Boot cut, trouser leg, straight, capri ... sure, I love them all.  But give me a great pair of skinny jeans and I can take over the world.  (Or at least look good while I try.)