Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ethical Fashion Part 1: My Mad Love for Karina Dresses

My latest Karina dress... as fabulous as my others!

 I have always loved fashion.  It is a bright, shiny industry filled with beautiful things that make us feel fantastic!  Unfortunately, it also has a dark side.  I'm not just talking about youth obsession and anorexia -- though I have a lot of opinions about those things, as well.  The insistence upon adherence to style trends and the ever-changing must-haves of season to season all add up to a culture of overconsumption, waste and (often) exploitation of underpaid garment workers in factories across the world.  Fast fashion has given all of us the ability to change our look as much as we change our mood (and that's great!) but we can't overlook the actual cost of all those affordable, often disposable styles.  

When I first heard the term "ethical fashion," I knew it was something I wanted to find out more about.  Along with "sustainable fashion" and "slow fashion," the idea is to be more conscientious about what we buy.  Do I need this?  Will I keep it in my wardrobe for years?  Is it made in a humane and ethical way?  Who made it?  Does it have a negative impact on the environment?  These are all questions I now ask myself when I add to my wardrobe.  When I can buy from a company dedicated to this philosophy, I feel like I've really scored.

My BFF visited me from New York a few years ago wearing a dress so adorable I wanted to steal it from her.  She told me it was by Karina Dresses, made in Brooklyn, and that if I bought one I'd be hooked.  She was right.  

Karina Dresses exemplifies everything good about fashion: beautiful, classic cuts for every body type that are stitched with love out of modern, washable fabrics by seamstresses in New York who are earning a living wage. The dresses don't wrinkle, they feel soft as baby clothes and they come in so many gorgeous fabrics it's dizzying to try to choose one.

What a great print for a classic wrap dress!

Just look at some of these choices:

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For a great interview with the founder of Karina Dresses, watch here: