Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt: A Must Have Piece for Winter and Beyond

Perfect styling of a metallic pleated skirt
by the fabulous Amanda Tur from A Fancy Affair

You know how much I love the continuing metallic trend.  One of my favorite pieces to emerge from this shiny scene is the metallic pleated midi skirt.  It is similar to a tulle skirt: weirdly able to skew casual even though it's fancy.  As for the midi length?  It's both flirty and demure at the same time.

The Gucci version is beautiful...and expensive.

But don't take my word for it.  Here's what Natalie Matthews, Senior Editor of Elle Magazine, recently said:

"For a statement piece, it's weirdly versatile: with sneakers and a T-shirt to a party or with heels and a silk camisole for a wedding.  Of course, the look became sort of a trendy thing last year, with Gucci and Proenza doing their own versions of metallic pleated midi skirts and fast fashion brands like ASOS following suit.  For me, it's a piece that's got staying power."

Fashion multitasking?  Win-win!

I am still trying to figure out the best version to add to my closet.  In case you're having the same dilemma, here are a few of my favorite choices...

The JCPenney's Project Runway version is cute and super affordable.

This Bloomingdales version is close to perfect... and on sale!

It's a grunge version! I like this metallic with a patina at Urban Outfitters.

I think this is my favorite.  Can't go wrong with Vince Camuto at Macy's.

One of the best things about this skirt is that I know I'll be pulling it out of my closet for many years to come.  Paired with a simple black top, it's almost vying for status with my favorite LBD.  For even more ideas on how to style it, take a look at this amazing Pinterest board.

Check out recent street shots of metallic pleated midi skirts:

Embed from Getty Images

Happy shopping, shiny ones!

Video by Amanda Tur
Street fashion shots courtesy of Getty Images

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