Thursday, October 5, 2017

More of My Picks for Fall & Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Trends

Ease up on fashion rules with everything from space prints to Fall florals.

Designers are pushing all kinds of envelopes this year when it comes to fall and winter fashion trends, and I couldn't be happier.  There are so many different approaches this season, it's as if all the rules were abandoned and somebody declared a style free-for-all.  (I'm in!)  Skinny pants, wide leg pants, short skirts, maxi skirts, fringe, faux fur, metallics, demure checks, wild floral prints, patent leather, oversized sweaters, embroidery, lace... if you can think it up, you will probably find it this year, often worn together in a brazen embrace of pattern mixing.  

Here are some of my favorites for FW18:

Houston, we do NOT have a problem with Space Prints!

One giant leap for fashion...Find it here!
I've been raving about metallics since last fall, but this season the trend is ramped up with the addition of prints that are (literally!) out of this world.  From traditional star & moon celestial to whimsical cartoon spaceman prints, the astronomical is now accessible in a lot of cool ways.  Although it would be lovely if one of these Valentino creations appeared in my closet, there are plenty of affordable other options.  

I really love unusual prints, so I'm kinda going a little crazy here.  
My latest fall boots... Find them here!

This is a trend that a few designers have been playing around with for a while -- Valentino, of course, and also Marc Jacobs -- but it really blasted off the runways this season.  The good news?  All that starry goodness has floated down to earth where we mere mortals can enjoy a little part of it.  

Not all of us feel like wearing an astronaut dress, but there are many other ways to give your wardrobe a little space.

Click on any of the images below for details.

Bloom Year Round with Fall and Winter Florals

Perfect for Los Angeles Indian Summer
(This was a thrifted find!)

I have a confession: I have always worn florals in fall and winter.  I've worn them mostly because Los Angeles often burns hot well into November, and I lazily grab my summer floral dresses to keep from melting.  To be fair, I try to stick to fall colors,  but if it's 100 degrees on Thanksgiving, I'm not about to wear a holiday sweater.

Hot weather aside, I actually think florals work great in the cooler months.  I absolutely love the look of a floral paired with black velvet pants or a leather jacket.  And nothing brightens up a dreary, cold day like a floral scarf over a winter sweater, right?  Well, maybe a hot toddy.  But I digress.

Now, however, there are new fall florals showing up in everything from prints to embroidery.  (Did someone mention embroidery!?)  This is yet another trend that started a while ago, but now it's in full bloom.

My fave Cabi fall floral is from the 2015 collection.
Maybe you can still get it here.
Go ahead and mine your closets for any packed-away florals that will mix well with your current fall pieces. I had forgotten about a favorite Cabi floral from 2015.  It fits right in this year.

There's a great opportunity to collect some unusual new embroidered pieces right now.  I still get stopped and asked about this jacket I bought last spring.  I'm planning on wearing it right through Christmas.  Come on, it's red and green!

Here are a few new fall floral pieces that grabbed my attention.  That first dress really needs to be mine.

Click on any of the images for details.

Be sure to watch the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Trend runway compilation video at the top of this post.

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Have fun with your fall and winter style, contrairistas!

Video by the amazing A Fashion.