Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Fashion History

Halloween costumes through the decades

That wand is possibly my favorite accessory ever.
What are you going to wear for Halloween?  My husband, daughter and I usually plan an epic group costume theme -- last year, for example, we were Greek gods --but this year we're a little more low key.  My kid came up with the idea to dress as the "How do you do, fellow kids?" meme, and has the perfect shirt to pull it off.  My hubby cut out cardboard cat ears for his version of LOL cats.  I thought about trying to pull off Damn Daniel by wearing my new white Vans ... but it seems pretty obscure. I will probably just wear an LBD, put on a witch hat and call it good.  (Is there a witch meme?  Maybe I can start a witch meme!)
How do you do, fellow trick or treaters?

If you're running out of time and at a loss for who or what to be on this Halloween night, In Style has some great suggestions for 80s-90s movie inspired costumes.  For a comprehensive breakdown of Halloween costume history, read Phyllis Galembo's excellent piece here.  If all else fails, there's always this.

We've all done a version of the 60s cat...

Have a booooootiful Halloween, stylish ones.

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Halloween Costumes through the Decades Video by ABC7 
How Do You Do Fellow Kids clip by Boollin AYY Inverted
100 Years of Halloween Costumes by Glam Inc.