Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ethical Fashion Part 3: Fall in Love with Preloved

Julia Grieve, founder of Preloved, discusses her upcycled designs.

One of my favorite sustainable fashion brands is the fabulous Toronto-based Preloved.  Specializing in new designs made entirely from vintage sweaters, second-hand clothing, deadstock fabric and other reclaimed materials, Preloved creates sophisticated, unique clothing while embodying the sustainable slow fashion ethos.

Over the past 21 years, Preloved has breathed new life into over one million thrown-away sweaters that would have ended up in landfills.  Now that winter is coming, I'm looking forward to shopping for a "new" sweater of my own -- and I can't wait to choose a one-of-a-kind creation from Preloved.  
The Reese flannel:for both men and women

But they don't just make sweaters.  Preloved uses reclaimed fabrics to create everything from tops, dresses, jeans, leggings and T-shirts for you, to shirts and jeans for your boyfriend.  

One of my absolute favorite articles of clothing from Preloved is the flannel shirt made from four vintage flannels worthy of Kurt Cobain. Check it out on the left. Seriously, is that the coolest shirt or what?

And don't assume that the Preloved collection is all casual.  Just drool over the particularly gorgeous little black dress below:
The Rosalyn dress is made of reclaimed fabric

As I learn even more about disastrous effects fast fashion has on the environment and human rights, I am trying to limit my own personal shopping impact by choosing my brands wisely and thinking differently about any item I add to my wardrobe.  I no longer look at short-term trends, but rather at long-term additions to a more conscious closet.  I'm encouraged by brands like Preloved who prove that you can be stylish and sustainable without breaking the bank or giving up on beautiful design.  

I've decided that the sweater below is the one I really want for Winter 2016. (And beyond!)  It's a unique cardigan that not only will make me look good in cold months, but make me feel good about doing my part to limit landfill waste and fast fashion excess.

 I'll show it off as soon as it arrives, preloved, from Canada:
The Ellie Sweater: each is one-of-a-kind, made from vintage sweaters

For more on the slow fashion movement, check out my previous post with links to the definitive documentary on the subject, as well recommendations for my favorite sustainable fashion books.  For even more ethical fashion goodness, check out my review of another great brand: Karina Dresses.  (I even have a link to 15% off your first purchase!)

Be sure to watch the Preloved story in the video at the top of this post.  Stay tuned for more ethical fashion discussion and brand reviews!

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Photos courtesy of Preloved.