Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Make Up Tutorials from History ... Yikes!

Forget lip plumpers in 1936, girls.  Instead, here are tips to disguise lips that are "a teenie weenie bit heavy."
(Sorry, Angelina Jolie!)

We all know that makeup trends come and go, and we often don't even realize we are playing along until we look back at pictures from a decade ago and wonder what in the hell we were doing with all that brown lip liner. (Or maybe that's just me...)

I found these great old beauty films, each offering the latest, most stylish makeup trends of their day.  Consider these your grandmother's beauty YouTubers:

We must have figured out something about anti-aging ... check out the 1930s  "Makeup for Over 40" section.

By the 1940s, makeup application had gotten awfully weird.  I'm not really sure what "Turning Lotion" is, but it is followed by "Skin Food" massage and a mask that "tightens chin muscles."  

This won't hurt a bit...

It's no surprise that Maybelline Great Lash is constantly hailed as a model favorite mascara. Even in the 1950s, Maybelline had the secret to great eyes:

"All the guys make eyes at the girl whose eyes are lovely with Maybelline!"

In the early 60s, the makeup mainstream was having none of the freespirited beatnik movement.  Check out this poor girl's makeover:

"Relax, and they'll make a gracious lady out of you, yet!  It's all part of the deception of a modern woman's life."  

Don't forget removing your makeup, ladies.  This is my favorite quote from the 1948 film below: "You know, in several girls' colleges they have a course in good grooming for which they give regular college credit.  One full period is devoted to teaching girls how to wash their faces."

Forget a degree in engineering.  Major in face washing, instead!

Cold cream scares me. é

What are people are going to be saying about our beauty bloggers in a few decades?

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