Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rave Review: Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C Serum

The entire beauty world has been abuzz for the last few years about the benefits of topical vitamin C. Not only is it essential in collagen synthesis as a nutrient, but when it is applied to the surface of the skin it neutralizes the free radicals that cause aging.  (Quick study: when a free radical takes an electron from one of the proteins in a strand of collagen -- and those brazen free radicals love to do just that -- it creates a little break in the strand.  What does that mean to you?  Wrinkling, sagging and all the other signs of aging.)  So, it turns out vitamin C isn't just good internally, it's great for external skin care, too.  Vitamin C acts as a kind of electron donor so that when a free radical steals your collagen's electrons, good guy vitamin C is there to literally give some back.

The trouble with most topical vitamin C products, however, is the fact that many are rendered useless if they begin to oxidize.  If you've ever had a vitamin C product that starts out clear or white and turns yellow or brown, you've seen oxidation at work.  Vitamin C products are notoriously unstable -- and unstable vitamin C is unable to lend your collagen the electrons needed to make up for the tireless free radical damage.  Oxidized ascorbic acid -- the fancy scientific name for the vitamin C most used in skin care -- has lost at least 60% effectiveness.  Here's a great explanation from Renee Rouleau's blog.

Another problem with vitamin C products is that many of the stable brands are also the most expensive.  Here's the Mack Daddy of them all.  It's great, and it works, but it adds $105 a month to your skin care budget, and that's more than a lot of us want to spend.

When I found Timeless Skin Care's version, I was dubious it would work.  It is a very close formula match to the famous version, using 20% L-ascorbic acid and adding vitamin E and ferulic acid to extend the life and effectiveness of the vitamin C.  At a cost of only $24.95, I wondered how effective it could be?

I have been blown away by how luminous my skin looks after only 2 months of using this product.  Dr. Oz recently mentioned that using topical Vitamin C could take ten years off the look of your skin, and I'm now a believer.  There is no question my skin looks brighter and smoother.  An added bonus is the fact that it minimized my pores -- something I thought nothing could ever do.  I also noticed that many of my freckles and brown patches that never quite disappeared after pregnancy have dramatically lightened.

 As much as I wanted to retouch this photo, I didn't.  Here's an up close shot in natural light:

Middle Aged -- No Filter. Yay, Timeless Skin Care!

I am not being paid to promote this product, I just love it and want to share what I think is a great skin care find.

Buy it from Timeless Skin Care right here.  The company's approach to skin care is that all-natural products are often the best choices -- and I agree.  Their catalog includes other great serums including peptides (Matrixyl 3000 is a well-studied collagen booster) and skin plumping hyaluronic acid, all without parabens, fillers or fragrances, and all for under $25 each.

Update 2019:  Yay! You can also buy Timeless Vitamin C Serum from Amazon right here. If you purchase from the Amazon link, I will receive a small commission from the sale at no cost to you.  Win/win!

One of my favorite over-40 YouTubers Angie, from Hot and Flashy, has a great review video of the Timeless Vitamin C serum.  I think she might even mention a discount coupon code.  She compares Timeless to two other brands here:

Do you have a great skin care serum you'd like to recommend?  Head over to the Chic Contraire Community and let me know about it!