Thursday, June 2, 2016

Covered Up for the Pool ... but Still Looking Cool? Yes, Please!

Swimwear picks for Summer, 2016!

Tired of being practically naked in order to go for a swim?  I feel you,  sisters.  Every summer I am less and less excited about exposing almost every square inch of my body to whoever happens to be sharing sun, deck and sand with me.  Why is it that men can swim in cute swim shorts but women are expected to wear, well, almost nothing?!

I have no answer.  But I do have options.

Don't get me wrong, if you feel great in a thong bikini, go for it! In fact, this one is really cute.  But if you want a little more coverage -- or actually a LOT more -- then check out these adorable suits made by a Korean swimwear company called Tornado Sports.

These kneeskin suits will keep you covered up without looking like you're ready for the early bird buffet at the local senior center.  If you love the way your legs look in tights but hate exposing them to random dudes at the pool, these suits are going to be your new best friends.  A bonus for me is the fact that I don't have to slather every single inch of myself in chemical sunscreen.  These suits are flirty and fun, and you actually look like you might be badass enough to be training for a triathlon.

We're lucky that Amazon has these suits, since I really haven't seen anything like them in stores.  (Yet!)  Click on any of the images for details.

I own and love this one. .  

It's only $68, and looks like a million.  Wear it when you want to make a colorful splash, while still being covered up.  Here are a few others:

I also have this Fusion Short John by TYR. 

It's not quite as flashy, but I love the simple design.

Want to show a little more skin, but not TOO much?  

I'm a sucker for a vintage-style bikini.  I think the retro style is perfect for the post-baby belly, or post Memorial Day pooch.  I've kinda gone a little mad for these retro high-waisted suits by Cocoship:

I own the polkadot one, but wear any one of these when you're feeling your most Marilyn Monroe.

These 50s-inspired monokinis by Danify are positively adorable, too.  
(With a long, boyshort leg that lets you know it's absolutely fine if you're late for a waxing appointment!)

And if you're feeling like a sexy swim ninja, this all-black vintage boy leg one-piece is cool, too.

For my contrairistas who just love a bikini, I wholeheartedly recommend the neoprene ones by Muxilove style=.  This one caught my eye for being so wonderfully, uniquely mod.  Cue the Mad Men opening music:

This one is under $20 and straight-up, classic beach babe -- plus it comes in a lot of colors.  (I have it in black.)

If none of these struck your fancy, be sure to search the ginormous selection of swimwear choices at Amazon below.  I don't know why I never thought to look to Amazon for swimwear, since they have everything else under the sun, but I've more than made up for lost time this year.

Now, get out there and make a splash!

Prosecco is my favorite summer accessory for a black bikini...