Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All Hail the Stretch Lace Wiggle Dress!

Letting my bombshell flag fly at my 11th anniversary Vegas vow renewal ceremony

Of all the dresses I've ever had, this one just might be my favorite.  

For our 11th anniversary, my husband and I renewed our vows in Las Vegas.  We had originally eloped -- yes, I'm contrary even in marriage ceremonies -- so our vow renewal was a big party, attended by all the family and friends who obviously didn't see our actual madcap wedding. (We ran off to St. Lucia to get hitched, shlepping a full-length satin wedding gown and tuxedo to the tropics.  It was grand and romantic and I highly recommend it.)

For the anniversary vow renewal (which I also highly recommend,) I wanted to wear something vaguely Marilyn Monroe that was formal enough for a wedding, but playful enough for Vegas.  I found the above stretch lace dress at HSN.  It has since sold out numerous times, but the fabulous Colleen Lopez often brings back versions of it, so check in from time to time.  I love the dress so much, I've since bought it in both black and pale pink.  Now, I never have to wonder what to wear to a formal event.

What I love about the wiggle dress style is that it's modern without being too trendy.  Also known as a pencil dress, it has a marvelous, vaguely retro shape that accentuates your curves, while holding them securely in place. (I call mine the Hug Dress.)  A bodycon dress is very similar to a wiggle dress, but a wiggle dress tends to have a little more structure or embellishment, and the design is based on the hourglass styles of the 1940s and 50s.  Vintage fashionistas will argue that a wiggle dress hem must be narrower than the hips in order to be a true wiggle dress. (That's what makes you wiggle when you walk.)  The look is bombshell glamour, but it doesn't make you feel like you're trying too hard.  It's a little Mad Men, a little Pin Up girl, and a lot of fun to wear.

I love the wiggle dresses at Unique Vintage.  They call this one the Glamour Bunny:

This one is more casual, and very Dita Von Teese rockabilly, from PinUp Girl:

This lace one from Lindy Bop is very similar to mine:

So is this one from Sangria:

For inspiration, here's some great footage of Marilyn Monroe's costume test for Something's Got to Give. She's wearing a black and white strapless wiggle dress.  (Be sure to check out all of the other great videos at Marilyn Monroe Online.)

I can't resist one more shot of my dress ... although it's kind of upstaged by a cute husband and a great kiss.

Do you share my love of wiggle dresses? Head over to the Chic Contraire Community Forum and tell me about it!